Star bright


This is the front page of today’s Indianapolis Star. Naturally, this front-page editorial about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Gov. Mike Pence signed last week, is making national news.

I practically grew up at the Star — then the Star & News. My father worked there for 30 years and often brought me along. It was a different era for newspapers, and certainly another era in the life of the Star, which was then owned by the Pulliam family. As Mr. Pulliam (“young Gene”) passed, the News shut down, and Gannett took over, nothing was the same, so I heard.

It could not have been the same no matter who was in charge. Change is natural; stasis is not.

My dad was a Republican, and he was no gay-rights activist. However, he was all for common sense, human kindness, and making the community a welcoming place. He would challenge any leaders who did not act justly, or who made Indiana a candidate for the Most Boycotted State award.

I am proud of The Star today, and I think Dad would be, too.

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