Published work

Newfields March 2018

Love, memory, loss, and new growth at Newfields in Indianapolis. (Photos by Nancy Crowe)

Green Thumb stories for Lake Escape special section

Dazzling dahlias, Lake Escape, published by Fort Wayne Newspapers, July 2019.

Rock gardens: A water efficient solution, Lake Escape, published by Fort Wayne Newspapers, June 2019.

Identify and remove invasive plants, Lake Escape, published by Fort Wayne Newspapers, June 2019.

Five great herbs to growLake Escape, published by Fort Wayne Newspapers, August 2018.

Escape to a garden: Lake Escape, published by Fort Wayne Newspapers, July 2018.

Feature stories for the Louisville Seminary alumni magazine

Our faithful steward, Gene March: The Mosaic of Louisville Seminary, Fall/Winter 2018-19. Professor Emeritus W. Eugene March, recipient of the seminary’s 2018 Faithful Steward Award, talks about managing money and getting the job done.

Darkness and awe: They live side by side in pediatric chaplaincy: The Mosaic of Louisville Seminary, Summer 2018. Alum Lavender Kelley talks about ministry “where the rubber meets the road.”

Speaking up for sacred space: The Mosaic of Louisville Seminary, Summer 2018. Alum Andrew Black is working with an interfaith team of spiritual leaders to preserve sites such as Bears Ears National Monument.

Stories for Indianapolis Monthly magazine

Numbers game: Look beyond size and cost when choosing the right college: Indianapolis Monthly, February 2018 special advertising section.

Get smart: When deciding which school is the best fit for your family, there are just a few variables to consider, Indianapolis Monthly, November 2017 special advertising section.

The bridge to college: Three area high schools use a blend of classic rigorous coursework and modern educational tools to help students prepare for college, Indianapolis Monthly, September 2017 special advertising section.

Gardening and home improvement blog posts for Expedite Home Loans, a division of Ruoff Mortgage

Weeding out common gardening mistakes, Expedite Home Loans blog, Aug. 3, 2017.

Companion planting creates harmony in the garden, Expedite Home Loans blog, June 13, 2017.

Garden starter: Raise your odds, Expedite Home Loans blog, May 9, 2017. The last of three confidence-building Garden Starter posts for beginning gardeners.

Garden starter: Hit the deck, Expedite Home Loans blog, April 27, 2017. The second of three confidence-building Garden Starter posts for beginning gardeners.

Garden Starter: Just add flowers, Expedite Home Loans blog, April 11, 2017. The first of three confidence-building Garden Starter posts for beginning gardeners.

The home improvement blues: What you wish you’d known, Expedite Home Loans blog, March 8, 2017. A lyrical guide to lessons learned.

Overhead and underfoot: The best home improvement bang for your buck, Expedite Home Loans blog, February 2017.

Cover stories for Fort Wayne Magazine

Grow with what we’ve got: Native plants, classic neighborhoods … Fort Wayne has all the makings of great gardens, Fort Wayne Magazine, April 2017.

Power to heal: Therapy animals join humans on the journeyFort Wayne Magazine, January 2013

Rescue tales: What came next for some lucky, plucky, loving animalsFort Wayne Magazine, January 2012

Other stories for Fort Wayne Magazine

From the farm: Locally sourced, a look at how local farmers, restaurateurs, and farm market coordinators make “fresh and local” happen, Fort Wayne Magazine, April 2018

Process to Act, interview with veteran actress Pam Karkosky, who returned to the local stage after a 23-year hiatus, Fort Wayne Magazine, March 2018

New Tech: Hydroponics and Fish Farming, a look at Ivy Tech Northeast’s new hydroponic greenhouse,, Nov. 17, 2017

Trowel & Error garden column for Fort Wayne Magazine

Rising to the rose challenge: Raised beds, soil amendment keep finicky flowers happy, Fort Wayne Magazine, February 2017. (With a guide to traditional — and possible alternative — meanings of the different rose colors.)

Growth everlasting: Before there was psychiatry, there was horticultural therapy,  Fort Wayne Magazine, August 2016

Other projects

• Copyediting for A History of the Allen County Bar and Courts 1824-2019: A Light in the Forest (M.T. Publishing Company, Inc., 2019), compiled and edited by Donald D. Doxsee.

Facilities that feel like familiesHorizons (The Magazine for Presbyterian Women), May/June 2013. The experiences I had with two elderly relatives in two very different care centers taught me it really does take a village. Tips for others in similar situations are included.

• Ongoing copyediting for author/speaker/coach Alena Chapman — blogs, teaching materials, magazine articles, and her books The Prison Effect (Morgan James Publishing, 2017) and You Can’t Escape from a Prison if You Don’t Know You’re In One (Hasmark Publishing, 2015).

• Design, layout, copyediting, and occasional photography for special publications of Fort Wayne Newspapers, such as the Lake Escape section, the Town & Country Home Tour guidebook, the yearly Home and Garden special section, and more.  I also came up with the “Fort Wayne in Full Color” tagline for Fort Wayne Newspapers’ new press promotion in 2007.

• Copyediting of promotion and tenure cases for two university professors (they both were promoted and tenured)

• Copyediting several books for Chalice Press, publishing house of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

• Marketing copy, both writing and editing, for a variety of businesses and organizations

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