Animal Communication and Animal Reiki

Duke 04.05.19 v

My crew and I are so grateful to have Nancy! There have been a number of situations she has helped clarify for both parties. One of my favorite experiences has been the rescue and rehabilitation of Duke. I sent her a photo of a sad, vacant draft horse a friend was encouraging me to take in.

I asked Nancy to reach out to him and see if he would be interested in joining our herd and helping people, especially veterans, heal from trauma. Duke was, No. 1, surprised as he had never been asked anything, always told without option. He was also surprised humans could experience trauma and said he was interested in trying.

It took seven months of rehabilitation and effort before he could be with the other horses and felt safe in his own skin. Nancy helped him understand that people can be different, that he could say no, and that he could trust us. Today he is active in our veterans therapy program and a happy member of the herd because of her help.”

— Allison Wheaton, executive director, Summit Equestrian Center

2019 04 PIPERI asked Nancy to communicate with my sweet pony named Piper. She’s an elderly mare who has been in our family for six years. I was curious about her life before we got her and I wanted to know her feelings about her life with us now.

Nancy said Piper told her about two former owners who loved her, but who had several other horses to care for and that meant she didn’t get much attention. Piper said she is honored to take care of my two girls and really enjoys young riders. She is thankful to be at our barn and tries to comfort those who care for her and ride her.

As you can imagine, it was reassuring to hear that my saintly mare is happy and still wants to be ridden. She is finally confident and grounded. Thank you to my friend Nancy for sharing Piper’s story, and for her amazing gift of communicating with animals and sharing their insights.

— Lindsey Torres