Need a name? Ask the animal

Black kitten looking up
Asking your new pet what she wants to be called gets your relationship off to a great start. (Photo by DomnoDominik from Pixabay)

If you’re wondering what to name your new cat, dog, horse, or other animal companion, try asking him or her.

Grab pen and paper, take a few minutes and sit with the animal as she rests or plays. When you are both relaxed, ask her what she wants to be called. You can ask out loud or silently. 

Then write down everything that comes into your mind, however silly or random it seems. It may be one name or a number of possibilities. 

Repeat the name(s) back to him and watch for ear twitches, eye blinks, head tilts, or other signs of recognition. Pay attention to any “yes” or “no” feelings that come up.

Chances are, you’ll have a clear winner. If not, try again later. 

Letting your new friend tell you what she wants, in her own time, will get your life together off to a great start!

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